Sunday, November 19, 2017

Q2: Week 6: 11/20 - 11/24

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Anatomy and Physiology

Monday: Review of How your sense work; QUIZ over the brain

Tuesday: Brain Party!

Wednesday - Friday: NO SCHOOL


Monday: Review Activity

Tuesday: Cell Party!

Wednesday - Friday: NO SCHOOL

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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Q2: Week 5: 11/13 - 11/17

Anatomy and Physiology

Monday:Spinal Collumn

Tuesday: Brain

Wednesday: Nerve Reactions

Thursday: Review

Friday: Quiz


Monday: Intro Timeline and History of Cells

Tuesday: History of Cells and work on Timeline

Wednesday: Quiz, History of Cells and Check timelines

Thursday: Bubble Membrane and Notes on Cell Membrane

Friday: Quiz on Membrane and Review this weeks material

TedEd History of Cells

Plasma Membrane


Sunday, November 5, 2017

Q2: Week 4: 11/6 - 11/10

Anatomy and Physiology

Monday: Project Work day!

Tuesday: Notes: Nuero

Wednesday: More notes....

Thursday: Guess what? More Nuero notes!

Friday: Veteran's Day: No School


Monday: Macromolecules Notes

Tuesday: Macromolecules Activity (We will be using a dye that can stain!!!)

Wednesday: Macromolecules and Enzymes
HW due tomorrow: 6.3; 1-5

Thursday: Macromolecules Quiz and Notebook Activity!

Friday: Veteran's Day: No School

Click the picture to learn more about Veterans Day.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Q2: Week 3: 10/30 - 11/3

Anatomy and Physiology

Monday: Nervous System!!!

Tuesday: Nervous System!!!

Wednesday: Nervous System!!!

Thursday: Guest Speaker Today!!

Friday: Nervous System!!!

Crash Course Videos to Review: Part 8, Part 9, Part 10


Monday:  In Class: 6.3 Notes. WATER
To do List: Opt OUT!, Turn in last week's homework, elements chart, AND Lab Sheet
HW: Due tuesday; 6.3; 1-5

Tuesday: More 6.3
HW: Due Wednesday, 6.4, 1-5

Wednesday: In Class finish up 6.3, start 6.4

Thursday: Finish 6.4 Macromolecules

Friday: Macromolecules LAB

Crash Course Videos that help: Water (there's 4) and Macromolecules, the Macromolecules RAP (you know you want to watch this rap....and all the other song parodies that go with it!)

Monday, October 23, 2017

Fall Fest Reminder

This is a reminder about Fall Fest this Saturday, 
October 28, 4-6pm at White Station HS!

Remember this is a fun event to showcase all of the awesome things going on at WSHS!

Signing in at the Swim Team Booth gets you extra credit!!

Swim Team will also have a BOUNCE house!! Robotics will be there with the robot, there is always awesome food...

Plus swim team will have these awesome shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies for sale and you can pre-order!!

Short Sleeve Tshirts $10
Long Sleeve Tshirts $12
Crewneck Sweatshirts $15
Hoodies: $20

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Q2: Week 2: 10/23 - 10/27

Anatomy and Physiology

Monday: Nervous System

Tuesday: Nervous System

Wednesday: Nervous System

Thursday: Nervous System

Friday: Nervous System


Monday: 17.2 Recap

Tuesday: Domains and Kingdoms

Wednesday: Intro to Atoms, Elements and Compounds! Chapter 6
HW: Ch6.1; 1-5 due tomorrow

Thursday: In-Class activity, please bring your book!
HW: Ch 6.2; 1-5 due tomorrow

Friday: lab activity