Monday, February 29, 2016

Quarter 3: Week 9: 2/29 -3/4

Happy Leap Day!!!

Monday 2/29: Chapter 11 Notes/Discussion
HW: 11.3

3/1: Finish Chapter 11 Notes and Review!!!

3/2: Chapter 11 Test

3/3: Chapter 12 PreTest and Start Notes
HW: 12.1

3/4: Chapter 12 Notes and Discussion
HW 12.2

Monday, February 22, 2016

Quarter 3: Week 8: 2/22-2/26

Monday: Flint Discussion
HW: 11.1 Section Assessment

Tuesday: Chapter 11 Pre-Test

Wednesday: Chapter 11 Notes
HW: 11.2 Section Assessment

Thursday: Chapter 11 Review (It's getting graded)

Friday: Chapter 11 Study Guide (the answers can be found here...)

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Quarter 3: Week 6: 2/8-2/12

Monday: Chapter 10.1 Notes, What is Lead Poisoning?

Tuesday: Chapter 10.1 Notes, What is Lead Poisoning?
HW: p276, 1-7 (#7 do the activity, not a play) and research Lead Poisoning

Wednesday: Chapter 10.2 Notes, How do we treat Lead Poisoning?
Continue research of lead poisoning

Thursday: Chapter 10.2 Notes BRING YOUR BOOK TO CLASS!
HW: p282, 1-5



Chapter 10 Notes



Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Quarter 3: Week 5: 2/1-2/5

Monday: Catch up
Whatever your missing, lost, or need to do, today is the day!

Tuesday: P/CR Daily Quiz
Review of Chapter 9
Intro of next project based instruction plan: Flint, MI

Wednesday: How's Mark? and What's in the water?

Thursday: 6th period, skype with Tim Stough of JPL/NASA in Pasadena, CA

Friday: P/CR Daily Quiz, Discussion of "The Martian" and write reflections, Re-intro of genetics in Chapter 10

2/12 Next friday; NO School