Sunday, August 28, 2016

Quarter 1: Week 4 (8/29-9/2)

Monday: Review
Tuesday: Chapter 2 Test
Wednesday: Communities (Assign Biome groups today!)
Thursday: Succession
Friday: Biome Group Time in Class

Chapter 3 power point here.

Chapter 2 Study Guide, with answers, click here.

Anatomy and Physiology:
Monday: Tissue Chart
Tuesday: Tissue Chart
Wednesday: At the Clinic
Thursday: Skin Layers
Friday: Accessory Structures and Case Studies

Chapter 5 Power point here.

Labor Day is 9/5.... NO SCHOOL

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Quarter 1: Week 3 (8/22-8/26)

Monday: Energy
Tuesday: Terrarium Build Day
Wednesday: Research Day (IN LIBRARY)
Thursday: Cycles Day 1
Friday: Cycles Day 2

Anatomy and Physiology:
Monday: Homeostasis Day 1
Tuesday: Homeostasis Day 2
Wednesday: Review for Chapter 1 Test Jeopardy
Thursday: Chapter 1 Test
Friday: Begin Integumentary System

PICTURE DAY is Wednesday!!!
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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Quarter 1: Week 2: (8/15-8/19)

This week in...

Honors Biology: 
Monday - Penny Lab
Tuesday - Levels of Organization Foldable
Wednesday - Choose Terrarium groups, discuss ecosystem relationships
Thursday - Mini Lab on Community Interactions, Food Webs
Friday - Flow of Energy Activity

Assignments Due:

Monday - Bring supplies all this week
Tuesday - Completed Penny Lab
Wednesday - Completed Levels of Organization foldable
Thursday - Read pages 38-40, Answer questions 1-5 on page 40

Anatomy and Physiology:
-Anatomical Terminology
- Directional Terms
-Body cavities and membranes
- Life Span Changes
- Body sections
- Body regions

Work Due
8-15 Continue bringing in supplies
8-16 Organization of the human body packet
8-17 At the Clinic activity classwork
8-17 SEER module training homework
8-18 Case Studies homework
8-19 Review Sheet homework
8-19 Build a Body activity

Cool Apps!!
Biology: Science Dictionary by Farlex for iOS:
This app is great for learning new vocabulary and getting to know the way science vocabulary and syntax, works. 

A&P: Ultimate Anatomy Quiz & Trivia - Human Body & Physiology Questions and Answers by Med Brain Apps
This is not divided by body system, but it's a great way to review some basic A& P trivia. 

All, please show your parents the parent pages on my blog (accessible via desktop computer or the links below). Let's get your parents signed up for their Remind classes!!

Biology: Parent Page,

A&P: Parent Page,

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Quarter 1: Week 1: 8/8-8/12 Welcome Back!

Monday: First Day of School!!!!

Welcome back to school, Spartans!! We are so happy to have you back! Please make sure that you are ready to go and following the dress code from the first day! As our usual, you will come in, find your name on your homeroom roster, go to homeroom and get your schedule from your home room teacher. Bring your summer reading book to help pass the extra time. Bring a water bottle in case it's warm in some rooms. Bring a notebook and a folder to write down your supplies and keep up with any papers handed out by your teachers. Don't forget your lunch! Most importantly, have a great first day!!

Tuesday: If your schedule was lost yesterday or was wrong, remember that we will be giving out corrected schedules in homeroom, EVERYDAY this week!!

Wednesday: Hopefully your schedule is correct, if not, we will let you know what the procedure will be for getting it fixed.

Thursday: Have you come to say hi to Mrs. Kannady yet, if you're not in one of my classes?

Friday: Whew you made it. Please try to have your supplies for my class turned in starting today.

All Students:
Monday: In class you should have done the index card and the student information sheet. Please finish it for homework.

Chapter 2 powerpoint is here. (You may need a computer to view this powerpoint.)

Anatomy and Physiology Students:
Monday: Chapter 1 Powerpoint is here.
Tuesday: Review Vocab
Wednesday: PreTest
Thursday: Finish Chapter 1 Vocab
Friday: Quiz over Chapter 1 Vocab

Important Reminders:
Guidance counselors will be swamped, please be patient as we work to get everyone's schedules right.
Bring a water bottle and some snacks, so that you are not starving by the end of the day. It makes you cranky.

White Station Dress Code