About Mrs. Kannady

 Hi friends!!! Welcome to my classroom!!
I'm Mrs. Kannady!!

Welcome to Biology Class at White Station High School!!!! I have been teaching here for 8 years now and have been teaching for 9 years total as a High School teacher. Here at White Station, I coach the Boy and Girl Swim Teams, work with the Admin team as needed and sponsor the Youth-in-Government Club and Mock Trial Team. I help with Graduation every year and generally wherever else I'm needed. I have a pretty different classroom. I like to play music for most of the day and enjoy people who have a good sense of humor. I have a serious obsession with Starbucks blonde roast coffee, pencil skirts, dresses WITH pockets, shopping on ebay, Sharpie markers, my Keurig donut shop coffee, fancy planners, running and raising money for the kids of St. Jude and pretty pen sets!! Target is my happy place and more than half of the staff at the Target on Colonial, know me by name. This year I have adopted a navy and apple theme for my classroom and I am secretly worried that it will get out of control.... I love bright colors and having things organized and matching. (Walmart's new Novogratz furniture line, is a new favorite of mine!!!) Being organized is not simply an obsession, it is my way of life, especially, in my classroom!!

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This year will come with challenges. Though I have received my fair share of education; BA in Nursing, Sociology & English in 2007, MA in Sociology and Statistics in 2010, Graduate Certificate in Women and Gender Studies in 2010, MEd in Instruction and Curriculum in 2012, and  I am back in school! This fall I am finishing a 2 year program with University of Tennessee, Knoxville to work towards an Educational Specialist Degree. This will allow me to eventually move into school (or district) leadership and be able to mentor more teachers at one time. Though I will be sad to one day leave the classroom, I believe teaching others how to share their love of their content with students in a way that creates an exciting and engaging classroom will be a even greater contribution.

Meet the Kannady Family!!!

I have 5 children; Annie, Jonas, MelissaJane "Lissy", Lillian "Dilly" and our newest member, Georgia. Annie is a junior, and Jonas is a freshman here at WSHS. MelissaJane is a 2nd grader and Dilly is a 1st grader at Grahamwood Elementary. Georgia, our youngest goes to Holy Rosary. I have been married for 17 years to my husband, Geoff. Our family stays busy with the Memphis Tiger Swim Team where my daughter is a competitive swimmer, youth activities at Temple Israel and with the girls cheering at Grahamwood and Ballet classes!! The little girls (and maybe Georgia) run sometimes through the MRTC Kids program. (If you are interested in any of the sport teams, or participating in any of the MRTC races,  just let me know and I'll help you find the right people to talk to! Or click on the MRTC letters above!) There are so many fun ways to be involved in active parts of our city! And don't forget that I expect to see everyone come out for the Spartan Fall Fest and 5k! It's a great way to celebrate all things Spartan!!!

To get rid of all the extra free time I "might" have; I spend time with my husband, hang out with my kiddos and run marathons and other local road races around Memphis. I also like to sew. I have a home based business for that, focusing mostly on applique and monogramming. I love MONOGRAMS!!!! They make me really happy! :) Another favorite past time of mine is shopping on Amazon and eBay!!! Sometimes I'll get bit by a cooking bug and I'll do some serious homecooking in the kitchen with my kids.

I graduated from White Station High School as part of the class of 2000 and then all of my siblings followed behind me! For a total of 14 years there was someone in this building, as a student, who was in my immediate family. My dad and most of my family also went to White Station, so it really feels like my home. In the picture to the left is one of my favorite teachers from White Station, Mrs. Jefferson, known to all of her students as Mrs. J. She was a huge part of me becoming a teacher and someone I am delighted, blessed and grateful to call a friend and mentor. She truly represents what it means to be a Spartan educator.

As you continue in your time at White Station, I cannot promise to be your "Mrs. J", as she was so much to so many, but I'll be delighted for you to participate in my class and enjoy this journey with me. In years to come, it will be nice to see you smile back when I greet you in the halls and even better if you decide to come back and visit. As you move past White Station, I hope that the lessons you learn in my class and in our school provide you with the opportunity to join in on experiences you might otherwise not have participated in, to delve into parts of your spirit you didn't know you had, and for you to learn how to be a greater version of yourself than you know now. There is so much for you to explore and learn!

IF you are new to White Station, welcome to the Spartan Family! If you are returning, welcome to MY family!!!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below.

Mrs. K