Q1: H. Bio Project: Bio Music Video

Macromolecules Music Video Rubric                               Due Sept. 5

Not Present
Explained/Well Used
Your Grade
Macromolecule Types Included/25

This means that carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids are used and explained in the video.
No mention of Macromoecules
1 or 2 mentioned, 1 or 2 missing
All Macromolecules used in Music Video


Macromolecules structure and use are explained.

***You may bring a transcript of lyrics to make sure this is well demonstrated.
Very little to no structure or function is explained.
1-3 structure/function is left out.
All macromolecules are well explained in structure and function.

On Time/10

Videos should be ready to be shown on DECEMBER 5
-10/day late
On Time

Less than 2 minutes
More than 2, Less than 3
Goes over 5
3-5 minutes

Your faces DO NOT have to be in the video. This can be all drawn or animation, etc.
None present
Some visuals. Video is not engaging
Video is engaging and visuals go with the topic.

Works Cited. Min 3. These should be turned in on a separate piece of paper./ 15
Not turned in
1-3 references, formatted incorrectly.
3 or more references. All are formatted correctly.


FIRST NAMES ONLY should be given. Last initial may be used.
No names are present anywhere in video
Names are present, but someone is missing
All members names are presented either during the video or in the credits.

Total Project/ 100

***Any group posting their video on social media to show in class, must see Mrs. Kannady to get a  release signed by EVERY participant BEFORE it is posted or all members will be given an automatic 0.***