Honors Biology Parents

Hello Parents!

Welcome to the information page for Mrs. Kannady's Honors Biology Parents! Here you will find lots of valuable information about how best to help your student!

Here are a few ways that I keep you in the loop:

1. Remind. I use an app for sharing information with lots of people through text messages. You can sign up to receive texts or emails, or both. To sign up for text messages, text "@1718hbp" to 81010.

2. Email. I receive school and personal email. My school email address is kannadyr@scsk12.org. My personal email address is rkannady@gmail.com, if it is more pressing.

3. Phone. I am happy to send you my phone number, though I prefer not to post it on my blog.

4. Parent Conferences. My planning period is 1st period which is approximately, 715 - 800a. While, I am available to meet during this time, I must ask that you please give me 2 days notice, via email to schedule that appointment.

Ways to help the classroom:

If you would like to visit the classroom to share with the students about the work that you do, the career choices you have made, etc. Please let me know! I have lots of speakers throughout the year, and I am always open to adding more!

Field Trips: We have 1 scheduled field trip and another I am working on. If you would like to help chaperone for a field trip, please let me know!

Labs: We have several lab activities throughout the school year. I will send out supply lists and dates to the students and to you. If you can help, it is always appreciated!!

Other? Do you enjoy making copies and cutting things out and prepping materials? Please let me know! I will HAPPILY accept help!!!

Ways to help your student:
1. Get them a planner!!! I use Erin Condren planners for my personal and professional calendars and tracking. I obviously, would recommend them, but there are truly hundreds of places to find great options! (The link gives you $10 off your first purchase at EC.)

2. A regular study/planning spot. Having a regular spot that is all theirs to plan their week, do homework and study is a game changer for most students! Making this a regular habit for your students is HUGE!

3. Quiet time! Try and set aside an hour or more that is just for them and you won't interrupt them! I know that in families with multiple children, especially older ones helping out, have a hard time setting aside time for students to focus. However, if you can make this happen, it will be a huge game changer!

4. A regular evening routine and bed time! Plenty of sleep is really important for our students.

5. Regular morning routine. This is hard in my house, so I know it can be hard in others. But, having a regular morning routine of everyone getting up, getting dressed, eating something, brushing teeth, etc. will really help you and your student to feel more capable and prepared to do well at school.

Still want more ways to impact your students and our class? Please check my profile for Donors Choose projects I may have going on! Getting those funded provides help for ALL of my students!