Sunday, October 30, 2016

Quarter 2: Week 3 (10/31-11/4)


Monday: Comparative Anatomy and Adaptations
HW: p403, 1-5

Tuesday: Evolutionary Theory

Wednesday: Speciation and Patterns
HW: p441, 1-4

Thursday: Review

Friday: Test Day


Monday: Joint notes

Tuesday: Joint notes

Wednesday: Video on Joints

Thursday: Review

Friday: Test

We need CANDY!!! Anyone who brings candy, will get credit for doing so. Please check the list here, to see what we need.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Quarter 2: Week 2 (10/24-10/28)


Monday: Review Chapter 14

Tuesday: Test Chapter 14, PreTest Chapter 15

Wednesday: Theory of Evolution, Notes

Thursday: Selection, Theory of Evolution, Video
HW: p422, 1-5

Friday: Support for Evolution

Monday: Joint Review (In-class assignment)

Tuesday: Draw a bone

Wednesday: Joint Notes

Thursday: Notes

Friday: In class assignment

**A&P Halloween shirts will be here by friday.

Anyone interested in Timing at a Swim meet for extra credit, the schedule can be found here.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Quarter 2: Week 1 (10/17-10/21)


Monday: Fossils, Earth's History and Formation of Fossils, PPT is HERE

Tuesday: Geologic Time Scale, In Class Assignment
HW: p 400, 1-5

Wednesday: (PSAT) Origins of Life

Thursday: Cellular Evolution
HW: p407, 1-4

Friday: Lab


Monday: Joints Notes

Tuesday: Speaker (Mr. Blankenship, Ortho)

Wednesday: Book Check! Please bring your copy of Stiff

Thursday: Joints

Friday: Joints

***Reminders: All orders for the A & P Halloween shirt are due by friday!!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Quarter 1: Week 9 (10/3-10/7)

Monday: Review Chapter 5
Tuesday: Chapter 5 Test
Wednesday: Lichterman Nature Center Field Trip TODAY!!
Thursday: Terrarim Gallery Walk (ALL Projects and POSTERS DUE)
Friday: Terrarium Project Discussion

Anatomy and Physiology
Monday: Introduction Skeletal System
Tuesday: Skeletal Muscle Structure Labeling
Wednesday: Microscopic Skeletal Muscle Label
Thursday: Muscle Contraction tutorial
Friday: Muscle Contraction Journey
**Muscular System Video and Exercise Video Due

Fall Break is Next WEEK!!!